ACE DRIVING SCHOOL has offered teen Driver Education since 1969.

ACE DRIVING SCHOOL instructors are licensed by the Michigan Department of State and Certified by the Michigan Department of Education.  Instructor’s driving records  are available for you review upon request.

Classroom and road instruction emphasizes traffic rules and skills. ACE Driving School stands for excellence in teaching defensive driving practices for today’s challenging road environment.  Students are very well educated in the topics of how driving abilities are negatively affected by drug and alcohol usage.

During Segment 1 you will learn how your personality, emotions, and maturity affect your driving; how to maneuver and control the vehicle; how alcohol and drugs impair your ability to drive; and how to interpret traffic laws, rules of the road, signs and signals, and roadway markings.  You will also learn how to better manage visibility, time, and space.

ACE Driving School offers Graduate Driver Licensing classes throughout Southeastern Michigan.   SEGMENT 1 course usually will meet 3 days a week for four weeks or 4 days a week for three weeks, depending on which class you enroll.  During the school year (September through May)  we offer late afternoon and early evening classes.    During the summer our classes meet 4 days a week (Monday through Thursday) for 3 weeks.  We offer classes in the morning, late afternoon and evening classes.

In Michigan, a teen must be at least 14 years and 8 months old to begin SEGMENT 1 of the GRADUATED DRIVER LICENSING program. Graduate Driver Licensing consists of two segments of driver education classes and three licensing levels.  SEGMENT 1 includes 24 hours of classroom instructions; a minimum of 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instructions; and a minimum of 4 hours of observation time as a passenger in the training vehicle.  SEGMENT 2 includes a minimum of 6 hours of classroom instructions.

HOW DOES GRADUATE DRIVER LICENSING WORK?  Upon completion of SEGMENT 1 DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE, before the student can do any driving, the student must go to the SECRETARY OF STATES OFFICE and apply for a LEVEL 1 LEARNER’S LICENSE.  The student must bring the SEGMENT 1 DRIVER EDUCATION CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION (which is GREEN); must have a parent or legal guardian, an original or certified copy of the student’s birth certificate, social security card and any other documents required by the Secretary of State.  (A complete list of accepted documentation  will be provided to the student during SEGMENT 1 DRIVER EDUCATION.)

With the LEVEL 1 LEARNER’S LICENSE, the student may drive with a parent, legal guardian or designated licensed adult age 21 or older.  The parent, guardian or designated adult should sit in the front seat of the vehicle.  The designated adult driver should carry a signed letter of authorization from the parent or legal guardian.  Students may not use a cell phone while driving.

As a parent or legal guardian, it is your responsibility to make sure your teen completes the required supervised driving with you or another licensed adult driver before beginning SEGMENT 2 DRIVER EDUCATION.   Your teen must complete a minimum of 30 hours of supervised driving, including at least 2 hours of nighttime driving before beginning SEGMENT 2 COURSE.  In addition, your teen must have a valid LEVEL 1 LEARNER’S LICENSE for not less than 3 continuous months prior to enrolling in SEGMENT 2 COURSE.    You should maintain a driving log documenting the supervised driving.   ACE Driving School will provide each student the booklet “DRIVING SKILLS TEST STUDY GUIDE” during SEGMENT 1 which contains such a log.   Also, one can be obtained from the Secretary of State Office.

For you teen to participate in SEGMENT 2 DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE,  a supervised driving log must be presented to the Segment 2 instructor verifying at least 30 hours (including 2 hours of nighttime driving) were completed with a licensed parent, legal guardian, or designated licensed driver 21 years of age of older.

For your teen to take the ROAD SKILLS TEST, the student must have had the LEVEL 1 LEARNER’S LICENSE for at least 6 months; present MICHIGAN DRIVER EDUCATION SEGMENT 2 CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION; present the driving log to the Third Party Test Examiner showing that at least 50 hours supervised driving (including 10 hours of nighttime driving) were completed.

To obtain a LEVEL 2 GRADUATE DRIVER’S LICENSE, your teen must be at least 16 years of age; have held LEVEL 1 LEARNER’S LICENSE for at least 6 months;  passed a DRIVING SKILLS TEST and received a SKILLS TEST CERTIFICATE; must be  violation and suspension free, and have no at-fault crashes during the 90 days prior to applying for a LEVEL 2 LICENSE.

Once the student obtains the LEVEL 2 LICENSE, some restrictions apply.  During SEGMENT 1 your teen will receive detailed information, and a booklet titled Michigan’s Graduated Driver Licensing: A Guide for Parents, which will explain in details those restrictions and when they apply.